The Shores Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) is located in Bournemouth. We provide coordinated, forensic, counselling and aftercare services to men, women and children living in the whole of Dorset who have experienced rape or sexual assault, recent or non-recent.

Our full range of services include:
Crisis Worker Support
Forensic Medical Examination (if appropriate)
Emergency Contraception
Pregnancy Testing
Sexual Health Screening for Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV PEP Risk Assessment
Referral to Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA), Counselling or other supporting agencies

The Shores
5 Madeira Road

Phone: 0800 970 9954 – Contactable 24/7 365
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I do not want to report to the police, but I would like to seek help…
If you do not wish to report to the Police but you would like to speak to one of our specially trained staff on how to access support then please contact us 24/7 by phoning 0800 970 9954 . We will arrange an urgent appointment with you to discuss your options and can arrange for a forensic medical examination without police involvement.

I want to report to the Police…
You will need to contact the Police on 999 and report the rape or sexual assault. A Specially Trained Officer (STO) will make contact with you and arrange for you to have a forensic medical examination at the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC). You can visit for further information.

If you are in danger…
If you are in danger it is important that you call the Police on 999 in an emergency or 101 in a non-emergency, alternatively, you can visit or find a safe place to stay.

If you need to flee a dangerous situation but have children or other responsibilities that prevent you from escaping, please call us on 0800 970 9954 . We have contacts with many specialist agencies within Dorset and can coordinate your safe exit and future accommodation and care.

* Confidentiality will be broken if our staff believe you, or somebody else is at serious risk of harm.
* Confidentiality will always be broken if we believe a child is at risk.

Comments, Criticism & Compliments
We welcome feedback from people who have attended the Shores or who have accessed our services. This will enable us to develop the service You expect. It is completely anonymous, Comments Criticism or Compliments are valued so if you have used any of our services we would love to hear from you. So many survivors are beginning to share what recovery means to them. I hope you will take the opportunity to share your ideas with us so that we can share with others in order to inspire them to keep moving forward.

Online Questionnaire:

Please feel free to contact us via our confidential email service should you wish to leave feedback of a more personal nature at