Police Role

Police Role

It is the responsibility of the police to investigate crimes and gather evidence that may later be used in court. Evidence gathered from the police is then handed over to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) who makes the decision of whether to charge and prepare the case for court.

You can report to the police by dialling 999 or contacting the local police station or The Shores can put you in touch with the police.

During the initial report, you will be asked open questions about yourself, the offence and the person who raped or assaulted you.

If you live with the perpetrator we can arrange for you to speak to the police at a time convenient for you.

You can ask for a male or female officer to take your initial account of the incident.

Wherever possible the initial account will be taken by a specially trained police officer.

If you chose to report to the police the role of the specially trained officer is to take your initial report, arrange for a Forensic Medical Examination where appropriate, take statements, keep you updated of any developments in the case, support you by giving you information regarding the criminal justice system and other organisations/ agencies who may be able to assist you.