Self Referring

Self Referring to The Shores

We realise how hard it is to speak out about rape and sexual assault and to report an assault to the Police. The Shores provides another option for people who don't want to or are unsure whether they want to report an assault to Police.

Clients who self refer to The Shores can access a number of services such as counselling, ongoing and long term support and/or a forensic medical examination to gather evidence. If you have been assaulted in the last 10 days we can offer you the choice to have a forensic medical examination. This is completed by a qualified Doctor or Nurse. Any samples or evidence gathered from this examination can then be securely stored at The Shores allowing you time to think about what action you want taken. The Shores can store evidence and samples for up to 1 year. 

If you wish to report the assault to the Police at a later date The Shores will pass any samples or evidence gained from the forensic medication examination to the Police with your consent. We can also support you and assist you with reporting the assault to the Police if you decide you want to. If you do not want a full forensic medical examination and the assault happened in the last few days it may be useful to take an ‘Early Evidence Kit'. This consists of a mouth swab/rise and urine sample and will only be completed with your consent.

If you attend The Shores as a self referral client we will complete a first account with you - this will detail all facts about the assault. If you report to the Police at a later date this can also be passed to them with your consent and will act as your initial account.

The Shores will not pass any information about you or the assault to the Police without your consent, unless someone is at risk of harm.


Anonymous Reporting

If you self refer to The Shores, a Crisis Worker will discuss the option of anonymous reporting with you - this will only be done with your consent.

Anonymous reporting information may consist of; details about where the incident took place, time/date and/or who assaulted you. We will not pass your personal details to the Police when making an anonymous report unless you have given written consent.


Why report anonymously?

Any information you pass on helps the police to track patterns of crime and can help them gain a profile on an attacker that may assist other similar investigations. However the Police cannot prosecute anyone for your attack without your support. On occasions the Police may ask The Shores to contact the client who provided the information for further information. We will only contact you if you have given your consent for us to do so.

To self refer to The Shores please call (01202) 552056 our Crisis Workers are here for you.

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