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Staying Safe

Rape and sexual assault can happen to women and men of all ages and backgrounds.

If an assault does happen, it can be difficult to speak out and ask for help - and even more difficult to report the crime. But help is out there, and the police and criminal justice system are doing all they can to improve how they deal with and investigate sexual crime.

Less than one per cent of the crimes recorded by police each year are sexual offences - so it's important to keep the risk of sexual crime in perspective and not let fear get in the way of leading a normal life. But there are also some things you can do to be aware of the risks, and steps you can take to protect yourself.


Protect Yourself

  • The majority of rapes and sexual assaults are carried out by someone who is known to the victim, such as a partner, former partner or friend. In situations with someone you know, pay attention to how you are being treated. Does your partner listen to you and respect your feelings? Communicate your limits clearly. If you start to feel uncomfortable, tell your partner, and be as direct as possible.

  • At , take sensible security precautions. Fit a security chain. Don't open the door to strangers.

  • When you are out, carry a personal safety alarm (‘shriek' alarm). Walk with confidence and stay in well-lit areas.

  • Consider very carefully whether you should leave a pub, club or party with someone you have just met.

  • Never accept a drink from anyone you do not completely trust. Don't share or exchange drinks, and don't leave your drink unattended. Men need to be careful too: drug-assisted sexual assault doesn't only happen to women.

  • When travelling by taxi, book a car through a licensed company. Get the car details before they arrive and ensure the driver knows what name it was booked under. Consider taking a picture of the licence plate number on your mobile phone and send to dad, husband, mum, wife, friend etc.  Sit in the back, and carry your mobile phone or personal alarm.  

Safety Tips

Hollie Guard - Personal Safety App

Download this free app on your phone and connect to a named person (dad, husband, mum, wife, friend etc)

If you are walking home in the dark or somewhere unfamiliar, you presss the app to activicate it.

Hopefully nothing will happen and you get home safely.

However, if you feel you are in danger, shake the phone and it sends a message to the name person that 'you feel in danger'.

It will also send them your exact location and they can decide to call you or to call the police etc.

The app can only be turned off when you enter your date of birth (the attacker can not switch it off)

After a short period the app goes into video mode and videos events that are ongoing.

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