Information for Children

Our Waiting Room

Children come to The Shores when there are concerns that they have been hurt in some way.

Children often feel nervous when they visit and, if you do, it is OK to tell someone that you feel worried. All of the staff at The Shores will do their best to make sure you feel looked after.

When you first arrive you will have to wait in our special waiting room for young people and we will check with the Doctor or Nurse whether you can have a drink or snack.

You will see a Doctor or Nurse when you are here but first the Doctor or Nurse may want to speak to the person that brought you, while they are talking a Support Worker will stay and play with you. the Doctor or Nurse will also want to speak to you.

The Doctor or Nurse may need to look at your body to make sure you are OK. The person you came with and the Support Worker who played with you can stay with you if that is what you would like.

After you have been checked over you will have to wait a bit longer while the Doctor & Nurse are talking. If you have not been able to have a drink and a snack before you can have one now. The Support Worker will get this for you.

We have lots of toys, books, DVDs and an I-Pad for you to play with while you are waiting. 

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